Creative Reliable No-nonsense

Anchor International was established in 1983 and since then has been a reliable and leading supplier of photo articles, stationery and gifts. With around 20 specialized colleagues we work from our office in Numansdorp on the assignments of retailers worldwide, fulfilling their wishes with lots of enthusiasm and creativity.

IG Design Group

Since 2006 Anchor International has been part of the stock market listed IG Design Group Plc, which has further strengthened our position inside and outside Europe.
Our worldwide presence offers us many advantages in terms of new product development, trends, market development and the merging of buying volume.

Design Group is a group of diverse companies, leading in design, innovation and focused on full-service from design to distribution.

We work with more than 10,000 customers worldwide, our products are sold to millions of consumers every day in more than 200,000 stores.

With our own offices and production in the United States, Australia, England, the Netherlands and China, we are truly a global company.


Our office has its own design studio with an enthusiastic team of creative people. This gives us the opportunity to offer our customers exclusivity and to fully adapt designs, products and specifications to their wishes and requirements. With colleagues around the world, our designers are always up-to-date with the latest international trends and developments.


With our own factories worldwide, certified procedures and dedicated employees, we as Design Group produce millions of products every year.

Our QC and QA teams ensure that our products meet the standards required by us, our customers or by law.


  • Modern warehousing and logistics (ISO certified)
  • Own storage and transshipment, fast delivery on demand possible
  • Control of the entire logistics process, from FOB delivery up to delivery on pallets per DC
  • Speed, flexibility, reliability

Corporate and Social Responsibility

As an international company, we consider it important to take our responsibility towards our customers, employees and the planet.

To that end, we are affiliated to and / or certified by the following organizations and initiatives: